Fitness zone is available throughout the day

Fitness zone

The fabrika hotel fitness zone is equipped with two top-of-the-line fitness machines.

Clear your mind with a run on the treadmill. The professional PRO ENERGY AC2970 treadmill features an extremely advanced suspension system, 3 Hp motor, top speed of 20 km/hr, weight capacity of 150 kg and a programmable control system.

Then you can work out your entire body on the revolutionary CYBEX TOTAL BODY ARC TRAINER. It is generally considered to be a cross-trainer, but the ARC TOTAL BODY TRAINER is three machines in one. The user can burn fat, build muscles or increase endurance.

Depending on the particular incline of the drum flywheel, the type of movement changes.

When use a low incline setting, movement is similar to cross-country skiing. The medium incline gives a workout similar to classic cross trainers, while the steep incline involves movement similar to step trainers.