fabrika hotel ECO PROGRAM

The ecological design of fabrika hotel makes it a unique energy-efficient complex. Thanks to the ECO Program it was designed to be nearly energy self-sufficient, and efficiently utilizes several energy sources.

The fabrika hotel ECO program is comprehensive: the hotel is heated by heat pumps, which get geothermal energy from five 150-meter deep underground wells, interiors are cooled based on absorption, a co-generation unit is used as an auxiliary source of cooling and heat. Solar panels have been mounted on the roof to generate electricity. In addition to this, the entire building is fitted with recuperators to treat and regulate interior air quality, along with a system to recover heat from used service water so that no energy is wasted. Alternative energy sources thus play a central role in the operations of fabrika hotel.

Thanks to the ECO program, fabrika hotel is environmentally friendly because it consumes minimal electricity and natural gas compared to similar buildings. For the hotel owners, this is of enormous importance!  The end result is that both guests and staff are comfortable year-round, while the building places minimal demands on the environment and the natural beauty of the surrounding Vysočina Highlands.